JSC "Gintaro kelias" has purchased the control share holding from the stock company "VILNIAUS GARSAS" and it has been developing its industrial activity through this company. Our enterprise is located in Vilnius and it is engaged in commercial and industrial activities.

SC "VILNIAUS GARSAS" has been projecting and manufacturing electronic equipments, assemblies and machine parts. Up to 1990 this company projected and manufactured special Register Equipment for the Soviet Union's Navy and Aircraft. Since 1990 all production activity has been directed towards the Lithuania's and Occident's markets (Germany, Denmark). In Lithuania, our company has been providing Dispatching Technique for the Lithuania's Railways, enterprises of energy and gas industry. Ministry of Internal Affairs and so on.

The company possesses the shops engaged in production of electronic and machine articles. By the order, carrying out milling, turning, grinding, jig-boring and other works on machining hardware, and also work on welding, punching, soldering of radioelements, moulding of plastic and painting, we are ready to design and to make production- from separate details - up to ready products:

  • details of the precision and simple mechanics, mechanical units and ready products,
  • devices of electromechanics and radioelectronics,
  • the process equipment (welding, cutting, stamps, forms for moulding etc.),
  • plastic etc. products.

By your order, we are ready to make components from metal for you.

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