AB "Vilniaus garsas"

Services provided by the joint-stock company "Vilniaus garsas":

Mechanic tooling of metal and cutting, fitting, grinding, stamping and co-ordinated polishing works:

  • Milling on universal milling machines
  • Grinding works on universal and programmed machines
  • Flat and round (external and internal) grinding works;
  • Co-ordinated grinding works
  • Co-ordinated fitting works
  • Optic grinding works
  • Works of teeth cutting (modules of 2 mm)
  • Grinding works
  • Works related to metal preparation (scissors, saws)

Welding works on aluminium and steel:

  • Welding works on regular stainless steel
  • Welding works on aluminium in the environment of protective gas
  • Gas and point welding works
  • Gas cutting on metal

Stamping works:

  • Stamping works with presses up to 100 tons

Soldering works on radio parts:

  • Soldering of printed assemblage plates
  • Coil winding

Casting plastic parts:

  • Casting plastic parts with casting presses
  • Casting plastic parts with two casting machines up to 35 grams and up to 130 grams

Metal parts painting works:

  • Thermal painting

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