AMBER is a mysterious creation of nature chanted about in the folk songs and glorified by poets and artists and constitutes a part of economic, historic and cultural heritage of Lithuania. Looking back to the distant past of the country, one can notice the importance of Lithuania's name there. Amber Trade Routes are among the core economic and cultural aspects that contributed to spreading fame of the country. Based on the historic background, nowadays again we have a unique opportunity to add to the activity related to promotion of the country's name. One of the most effective ways to do so is to go on promoting the name of Lithuania and develop activity in the space of the Amber Way.

The title of our company is related to amber: the JSC "Gintaro kelias" - JSC "AMBER WAY". This way is a road to the welfare, prosperity of our country and its integration into the global society.

We are sure of choosing the right way!

Currently the holding company is successfully expanding and includes the following companies:

Lithuanian business and culture centre "Gintaro tiltas" Business tourism and entertainment services department Star projects

SC "Vilniaus garsas JSC "Energijos kelias" JSC "Energetinės statybos projektai"

JSC "Gintarinė nafta" JSC "Infoluis"

JSC "Gintaro kelias" is a rapidly developing holding company expanding its activity in various spheres of both Lithuania's and foreign markets.

JSC "Gintaro kelias" applies various technologies in design and manufacturing industrial and consumer goods, introduces new technologies, besides the company is engaged in retail and servicing spheres.

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